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Sthira Sukham Asanam

We all know how it feels to be stressed and tense in our bodies or even in our hearts especially around the holidays. Maybe we are holding blame or resentment toward others, shaming ourselves for past actions, or armoring ourselves against inevitable pain or holding all this negative energy in. As humans, we go to great extremes to avoid pain or discomfort. By taking the energy we use for stress and anxiety and channeling it outward, we can convert it into fertile ground for transformation and growth.

With hands to heart, in Namaste - Anjali Mudra, a gesture we use to offer a gift of gratitude, set an intention for your yoga class, the day, or even the upcoming year.

Find an intention that resonates with you....

- sending out energy/love to others or specific person or self

- letting go of negative feelings/thoughts

- making a point to let gratitude and love flow now and everyday

- or even just smiling at strangers to help bring light to someone else's life that may need it

Setting an intention is not to add stress or anxiety but rather a way to channel energy and release and relax while letting go....

I always like to come back to sutra - Sthira Sukham Asanam - 'Effort without tension, relaxation without dullness ' - reminding me that energy should not confused with anxiety and stress...

At any time you may start to lose focus of yourself or energy, bring your awareness back to your intention, bring your hands to anjali mudra, or maybe even invoke the hindu goddess Tara - goddess of compassion.

Always come back to your intention while I come back to mine, which is sending out the light, the love and gratitude out to each & everyone of you.


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