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Inner Transformation

Patience is not just waiting but the art of waiting with a good attitude. Without it, we will learn less, we will see less, we will feel less, we will hear less. Ironically, rush and more mean less.

The true state of yoga is inner transformation. Soften awareness that you initially use for all the details of a pose then experience the union of intention, action, and grace in your body as it radiates from within.

Evolution - we are always students and there is always more to learn. Eventually we have breakthroughs, we have those ah-ha moments and they usually happen when we are least expecting. Full variations of postures or difficult postures should emerge effortlessly. So always come back to your mind/body awareness and respect your limits and only move forward when you're ready. Don't push, wait for the pose to come to you. Avoiding pain and possible injuries with patience.

Slow down..... hear your breath, feel your body in the presence, see what you have, learn to be happy with where you are while you patiently wait for more.

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