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power vs force

Intention goes hand in hand with last weeks theme - Law of Vibration - increasing vibrations and energy to find the Law of Attraction - what energy you decide to exert will resonate with other things in the universe at the same frequency. Ongoing research indicates that our state of mind directly influences our life and that clearly set, focused intention can result in amazing and lasting change. We can learn to reach beyond our limited, conditioned thinking and access desires that resonate with who we really are.

A tough situation or event with an added complications will challenge your mental and physical strength (in our case it's Birds of Paradise into Reversed Birds of Paradise). If you set a goal for the perfect outcome and try to force it, you may be adding too much pressure, taking away the fun, affecting your focus and balance. Essentially setting yourself up to be able to let yourself fail; if you don't reach your goal, the fullest posture, etc.

But if you start by not forcing yourself or your body to line up with your goals or the idea of perfection, and just allowing yourself to follow your essential nature (your heart), feel the posture, move with intention and listen to your body. You allow for your fullest focus and balance to come as far as you can, reaching goal corectly with ease when youre ready.

Looking inward for the energy, the self compassion, the awareness. Not looking immediately at the goal, but being happy with the progress, the journey, and trusting that the goal will eventually come as a result of the focus and concentration. Feeling the posture, the energy, the vibration, not pushing or forcing the idea, the intellect, the emotions.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, When you’re in touch with the energy of your origin you offer the world your authentic self.

learn to reach beyond our limited, conditioned thinking of resolutions and perfect goals and learn to access desires that resonate with who we really are to acheive the best outcomes

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