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Fear is learned, but love is your truest and most authentic state.

Always loving yourself first and foremost by keeping in mind that precision is different from perfectionism. Working precisely requires mindfulness of action, a meditative state of self awareness and presence. When you move mindfully on your mat and when you use precision to create stability in your poses, you begin to carve the pathway that takes you to new heights in your practice. leaving your body in a state of bliss and your spirit recharged.

And when you witness the benefits of working with precision on your mat, you will feel empowered to make positive changes in your life, too. “The power to change your body through yoga creates confidence in your ability to change your life in ways you didn’t think possible,” Baptiste. “With a mindful, conscious practice, you can connect with your personal power, your ability to change your life.” Finding a place of happiness and love

Perfectionism, on the other hand, is full of self-criticism and judgment. Begin to cast judgment on your pose, your practice, or yourself as “right” or “wrong,” and the ledge you’re on can expand into a never-ending plateau of self-doubt and fear of failure. When you aspire to create “perfect” poses, you miss out on witnessing the presence of each moment; positive or negative. Precision is about process. Perfectionism occurs when you believe the myth that there is an endpoint in your yoga practice.

Find your strength, face your fears and return to love!

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