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Inner Peace

Behind the Urgency Find the Dance in Life.

Allowing the Grace and Surrender not Effort and Strength

When Feeling urgent, you must slow down.

unless someone is bleeding or can't breathe, unless there is some true physical requirement to act swiftly, a sense of urgency is a terrible illusion, a trick that happens, again and again, because life inside our skin and outside our skin are forever different.

It is as hard as it is humbling. When feeling like you can't sit still, you need more than ever, to sit still. What we need is always harshly and beautifully right before us, sometimes we choose not to see it.

Center yourself and feel the obligations that pull at you

Feel the tension of each like a string being pulled tight

With each breath, untie yourself, one urgency at a time

breathe freely, even if only for a moment, untied to any urgency at all.

The doorway to our next step of growth is always behind the urgency of now. Now more than ever, when all feels urgent, cut the strings that tie you to all events. When each decision feels like the end, you must believe that each question is a beginning. Now more than ever, you must breathe and allow your breath to melt away the tension.

Love yourself they way you love your children or your dog or your dearest friend, without reservation. In this way, today with all its hardships will spill into tomorrow, and decisions may become more clear.

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