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Find your voice

We often mistake the need to hear with the need to be heard.

though It is important to reach out and to express ourselves, finding your voice doesn't necessarliy mean being vocal

Live loud enough in your heart and there is no need to speak

Through an open heart, the world will come rushing in.

Simply being who we are, the world will accept us

finding yourself and being comfortable with the silence starts with Finding our strength

The fire the ajni inside of us comes from our energy center, our core.

When this energy center is out of balance, we can feel insecure, lack confidence or worthiness, even feel an overwhelming sense of failure. can be nourished through acting with strong integrity. when we find this fire, our strenght we can begin to find our bloom and open up to the world around us.

with a strong sense of our energy center we can begin to open our hearts and will feel surrounded by love, compassion, and joy and connected to the world around you.

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