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freeing emotions

The pelvis is a common place to harbor tension associated with stuck emotions, stress and energy - unconsciously connecting to the second Chakra. This physical reaction of being emotionally stuck can trap us in self-destructive patterns. Imprisoning us and preventing us from achieving our heart's and soul's desires.

Our asana practice and our meditative practice can open us up to help release these stuck emotions and energy in a way to free ourselves from these patterns.

We are all guilty of pretending that everything is okay, moving quickly through life. We do not take the time to pause and connect with our emotions so we can show up to life fully committed. This is what brings me to my mat. Allowing me to take my awareness to those places deep inside myself where my true emotions are hidden. On occasions it can be scary to go there, confronting feelings and pain can be uncomfortable. If we want to be free we face the pain, we feel our true emotions and let them flow, then we are ready.

It is when we confront and replace fear with truth, breath and surrender that we are really free.

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