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calming a busy mind

coming to our mats, breath connection and asana are not the only steps of our yoga practice. Finding mindfulness can be just as complicated as the most difficult pose. Remembering that thoughts are just thoughts and not a reflection of the truth is a practice in itself. Thoughts will continue to infiltrate our silence, but it's what we decide to do with our thoughts that matters.

We get lost in our thoughts, worrying about all kinds of things, and a lot of times taking them seriously. In our busy minds we can go back to instances that happened years ago or things that haven't even happened yet. Often we get so involved in these thoughts that we forget to be present in the now.

Have you ever been on a drive and get so deep in thought that when you snap out of it that you wonder if your present self was still paying attention? Looking in the rear view mirror to make sure you didn't run a red light.... Or have you let your mind jump to conclusions when your kid or husband is gone longer than expected?

Our minds can trick us into thinking that if we dwell on an idea long enough or hard enough, a solution will eventually occur.

Though what truly makes us happy and sets us free is letting go of the unpleasant thoughts from the past and our fantasies about the future. Instead, Fully engage in our journey; the process and soak up all the beauty in the present moment.

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