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Among the five basic elements – earth, fire, water, air, and ether – which make us and everything in the universe, air is the most accessible and relatively the easiest element to gain reasonable mastery over., we refer to this element as “vayu,” which not just means air as a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases, but as a dimension of movement.

The origin of air is sparsha - the potential of the touch experience, expressed in its most subtle form. Touch and air are inseparable. Because of their intimate relationship, the skin (through which we receive touch) is considered the associated sense organ of the element air. The hands (through which we reach out and touch the world) are its associated organ of action.

Air is subtle, but its effects are not as we associate the element air with the air we breathe. Thus, making it an immediate source of life. A lack of air will kill us faster than a lack of any other element. It is the force allowing blood to circulate, breath to move, nerve impulses to glide, thoughts to flow, and joints to propel our movement through the world. Air is the force behind all motion, the activity in space and the form of motion and life in the body which makes it synonymous with that of prana (life energy).

It's important to find movement now as we move into Autumn, the season of air. as the leaves begin to fall. The weather becomes cooler and there is a sense of transition or movement in the weather. Air represents the gradual weakening of nature as it moves away from its full bloom and moves forward to face the dormancy of winter. Nature intends for everything and everyone to become lighter at this time therefore finding movement and expending energy now as we prepare ourselves for a calmer, more relaxed season.

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