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the original meaning of the word - Random - is the instant a horse at full speed has all four hooves off the ground. It's referring to the mystery of unbridled passion, to the lift that results from total immersion and surrender. In our age, however random means without design method and purpose - utter chance. Dismissing whatever seems beyond our control to be accidental.

though really our lives are full of unexpected acts of kindness & events that seem to come from nowhere. People/things seem to come into our lives when you need them and usually when least expected. That's the connection of everything and everyone through the mother earth.

From the horse we consider that how all of its energy and desires mount for that brief moment - it flies. The moment at random of holding nothing back, of giving our all to whatever situation is before us. It's that charged moment, that we come as close to flying as human beings can - we soar briefly with a passion for life.

just as blood flows from healthy parts of the body to those that are injured, we flow to each other's aid, often without knowing where we are headed. Mysteriously, prana (life force energy) heals itself this way. And what we call "chance" "luck" "coincidence" is the circulation of life healing itself through us and in us.

Do at least one random thing everyday

stand in the sun with your face up to the sky

get caught in the rain and open yourself up to it

seek out the live music

seek out beauty and soak it in

find the connection to yourself, mother earth and each other. hold nothing back.

allow what moves you to change your path.

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