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Many fruits and vegetables grow within a covering that must be peeled away if the sweetness is to be eaten. This speaks to the human journey in many ways, but particularly in the way in which we grow within a similar covering.

We often protect our little seeds of effort, desire, passion and curiosity by wrapping them up in grand schemes and ambitious plans that rarely end the way we have planned.

Most things in life need a protective container in order to grow. We can hurt ourselves when we keep ourselves covered and protected too long. We too can go bad and spoil. Perhaps when we move or change careers or relationships, we are trying to free ourselves of all that has covered us, even if it has helped us grow.

Since none of us can control our time of ripening, we can only try not to define ourselves by all that covers us. We can strive long with much effort to become the sun itself, only to ripen and burst with our own little bit of sun exactly where we are. For nothing matters but the sweetness of life, love, growth, spirituality and truth.

Meditating on our own layers as they peel away - the dreams desires, even the hesitations, doubts, and insecurities - that have made us who we are - only then can we ripen to the opportunity to express ourselves and fill our souls with the sweetness of our fantasies, ambitions, and joy.

These bodies are perishable, but the dweller in these bodies is eternal - Bhagavad Gita

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