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you are that which you are seeking

Some believe that we all try to avoid looking inward by living on the edge. Perhaps, really what we are seeking externally can bring us to the edge of knowing ourselves.

As we focus on what we are seeking outwardly in the world we can view it as a way to mirror where we need work inwardly. looking outside of ourselves to find the soul's desire to take genuine risks.

We can become masters at running and climbing mountains of the world to unlock the trail to the center of our wounds

We can become masters of the world by traveling and learning of foreign places and cultures to realize that instead of searching the dark corners of our own minds.

We can become masters of reading and understanding others instead of embracing the softer less perfect aspects of who we are.

If we pay attention to what we tend to lean towards, we can start to unlock what the seeking means.

"What you are looking for is already in you... you are already everything you are seeking"

Nhat Hanh

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