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embracing ground takes to the road

Things change.... Jobs, relationships, aspirations. Thank goodness for that.....And for those exact reasons we are following our dreams and our hearts and looking for a change of scenery.

Follow us through our journey to experience as much nature, fresh air and freedom as we can handle. As we soak up the beauty across the States we hope to learn more about ourselves by simplifying and coming back to the real things in life that are important.

I want my daughter to grow up knowing how to live, eat, and experience the world in a way that's fulfilling. It's not about making as much money as possible and having the nicest things. It's about living life fully and giving back in return. It's about love and connection. It's about exploring.

Colorado is beautiful and we will be back but we want a chance for spiritual growth, opening our minds and filling our hearts.

Learn and grow with us from start to finish - as we sell our home, buy a mobile living space, learn van life, and really open our eyes beyond the standard way of living.

"We thought we were learning to live, but we were just learning how to die" - Leonardo da Vinci

We are ready to live our lives and not just pay bills until we die

Love, Laura, Dustin & Julian Rose

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