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Going away party for people to come and go and give hugs before we take off.

Our "See you later" party was very beautiful. Friends dropping in giving away hugs, buying beers, bringing gifts, starting a gas fund donation, made us feel really loved. Letting go and saying goodbye is hard but necessary for our new beginnings. We've been telling everyone that this isn't the end, and they have a great excuse to travel and come meet us along the way. So no excuses. When I'm able to find service I'll keep you all updated and return missed messages and calls.

Can't wait to see you again!

Life is coming to the surface, manifesting potential in an explosion of foliage and flowers, but periodically the forest must burn, everything must die to be reborn.

As we change and transform, we must too cast off what we no longer need, we must create fire within so new life can emerge.

For there to be Creation there must first be Death & Destruction.

road less traveled

One can experience an unconditional affirmation of life only when one has accepted death, not as contrary to life but as an aspect of life" - Joseph Campbell

Memorial Day Weekend in Wyoming Snowy Range Wilderness was our last practice trip before we packed away all the belongings we weren't taking with us into storage and signed away our home to strangers. All the while, constantly being reminded that simplicity is the key. Less is always more especially in such a small living space. When Everything is falling and fitting into place perfectly, you listen to the signs and know that we are ready for our adventures.

Wyoming proved to be a great test and reality check. Our tried and true camping spot was under multiple feet of snow, then miles and miles of burn area made finding a comfortable spot difficult. Rivers were imbalanced from a fire 2 years ago, not supporting much life, or making for a happy fisherhusband. But, grit and determination did find us a beautiful site hidden amongst the burnt forest; and the reminder that everyday isn't going to be perfect, quick or easy. The rivers won't always be close or feed us fish for dinner.

We do have the choice to be grateful for what is available. Happiness and beauty is all around you, sometimes you just have to open your eyes a little more to be able to see.

Next destination is spending a few days exploring from Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park, the Nat'l Forests around Nederland and Breckenridge. Then meeting friends 06/08/18 at a private Mineral Hot Springs in Nathrop right at the base of Mt. Princeton. Can't wait to soak up the love. get it? haha

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