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All things flow.

We are buzzing with the energy of Saturdays Ash Full Moon and the first signs of spring after months of dormancy. Awakening to the constant and dynamic exchange of energy; of birth, growth, life, death, and rebirth. Spring is our invitation to grow as well.

In our classes, we've been working through the 7 Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra. Essentially remembering to accept things we cannot change, attract the energy that we want to be surrounded with, make conscious choices and be a good person.

We are all connected, a part of a larger consciousness, we are the circulation of life force energy. We have the power to influence the energy and information around us.

"The Moment you take responsibility in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life" - Hal Elrod.

Upcoming Events.....

Every Thursday 5:30pm. Prana Flow @Breathe Yoga and Wellness in Morganton, NC

In person or Livestream Available via Mind Body App.

March 20th 10am Celebrate the First Day of Spring @ Bigfoot Climbing Gym in Morganton, NC

Yoga for Climbers (anyone welcome), $10 nonmembers $5 members

March 27th 10am Women's Wellness Day @Natural Elements CBD Shop Hickory, NC. $10

April 3rd 10:30am Pints and Poses @Liquid Roots Brewing Project $12 includes a pint!!!

outdoor patio class, weather dependent.

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