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Updated: Dec 1, 2021

We're in the season of gathering, greetings and gratitude. As we come together, remember to look around and honor the continuation of the cycles of life. Understand that this is a time for mourning and loss for many. From the young, to the old, to the souls no longer with us, take time to celebrate where we came from and who made it possible for us to be here.

It all begins where our feet touch the earth. Invocation of the indigenous wisdom of living in direct relationship to the world and an interconnectivity of all beings//elements//energies.

This recognition brings us to our journey through the five elements of nature. Each element representing a state of matter, correlates to particular body parts//functions//chakras. This series will help us tune in and strengthen our relationship with nature and our own energy.

With the inspiration of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Thanksgiving address, may we bring our minds together as one and systematically acknowledge all beings; from the land, plant and animal life, to the waters, the sun and moon and the great spirit//creator.

upcoming events...

CommUnity Yoga Wednesdays

at Wellness Division of Natural Elements


Blended All Levels Flow.

$14/individual classes. $60/5 class pack

space is limited. reservation suggested

BigFoot Climbing Gym

Join BFGs Youth Climbing Team

Power Yoga Flow

2nd Thursdays 6:45-7:30pm

only $5 for members// $7 non-members

Join Alison of Artistik Reiki WavesZ and I for our first CommUnity Reiki offerings Dec 19th as we honor Yule; rebirth of the Sun and a New Year.

You have two opportunities to connect with us...11am @breatheyogawellness or

Come as You are with an open mind and heart for a powerful energy balancing session in a comfortable space of non-judgment and love. All are Welcome though space is limited, prepayment is required.

The Flow with the Moon Yoga Series will harness the power of lunar energy through guided meditations, yoga flow, and journal prompts. Our intentions are to connect with the cosmos as we flow through the moons cycles and January's astrological events. Most importantly you will be learning when and how to use these energies to set and connect with YOUR intentions to manifest and take action towards a deeper connection with yourself and your purpose.

"Let ancient practices inspire fresh ideas"

January's Moon Yoga Series

collaboration w/ the powerful energy at

Breathe Yoga and Wellness

in Morganton, NC

discounts offered for great holiday gift options.

Om Namah Shivaya

softening the ego and bowing to universal consciousness.

in peace + love,


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