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Honor Change.

These times are heavy with the need for collective awakening. The last few years have been a wild ride.... Making the Tower card a very appropriate New Year theme and affirmation that "Everything is Food for Growth".

Destruction and Upheaval are leading us to Profound Change. Old ideas, foundations and belief systems are being challenged. Not all has been bad, some has been very necessary and long past due. When the old ways are no longer useful, we must come up with a more genuine path that better serves our purpose.

In the Herbalists Tarot deck, the Tower Card is represented with Mushrooms – a powerful symbol for transformation and rebirth. They break down and convert detritus/dead organic material into nourishment for new forest life. This card in most decks is usually seen as frightening sudden trauma, but this one instead reminds us that we have to ability to find growth from what might otherwise seem lost.

Change is inevitable and sometimes we must let life as we know it break down to nourish something radical and groundbreaking. Once we accept the natural cycles, without force or resistance, we find liberation. Comparable to the mushrooms journey, our awakening can also be generated from the unexpected.

upcoming events...

The Flow with the Moon Yoga Series will harness the power of lunar energy through guided meditations, gentle yoga flow, and journal prompts. Our intentions are to connect with the cosmos as we flow through the moon cycles and January's astrological events. Most importantly you will be learning when and how to use these energies to set and connect with YOUR intentions to manifest and take action towards a deeper connection with yourself and your purpose.

"Let ancient practices inspire fresh ideas"

January's Moon Yoga Series

collaboration w/ the powerful energy at

Breathe Yoga and Wellness

in Morganton, NC

BigFoot Climbing Gym

Join BFGs Youth Climbing Team

Energy Yoga Flow + Core Work

2nd Thursdays 6:45-7:30pm

only $5 for members// $7 non-members

Valentine Partner Yoga

@Liquid Roots Brewing Project

Sunday//Feb 13th//11am


includes class and a pint each

Notice. Beginning in January, Natural Elements, Wellness Division is suddenly closing due to building issues... We will no longer be holding CommUnity Yoga Wednesdays or Reiki Sessions in this space. Pre-Paid Passes can be utilized for Private Yoga Sessions//Reiki. Stay tuned for our new offerings and pop up classes, cheers to forward movement and change!!!

Om Namah Shivaya

softening the ego and bowing to universal consciousness.

in peace + love,


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