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Autumn is here, giving us an opportunity to pause and look within before moving forward. There is powerful energy of realignment, transition and change. Take time to reflect and honor all that you have gained and learned throughout this year; for this wisdom and energy is exactly what you need to move closer to your truth.

Libra is ushering us towards inner peace and harmony. Connect with the creativity and beauty of this sign to allow the peace to flow in. Redirection and adjustments may be needed but clarity and guidance will show up when you are ready.

With a major focus on balance throughout the Libra season, we ask ourselves “What areas of our lives can we give a little more, and what areas do we need a little more nourishment?” The line can be fine and the journey may be intricate but it’s time to determine how we can weave ourselves into deeper connections and relationships to all that is.

This months public offerings are limited. I am taking a small break in some areas but should start adding back classes soon. I will keep you updated but for now, join me in Lenoir as we flow through the fire and air energies of October. I'm grateful for all of you and look forward to seeing you in class!

CommUnity Yoga Wednesdays

at Wellness Division of Natural Elements, Lenoir


Blended All Levels Flow.

$14/individual classes. $60/5 class pack

space is limited. reservation suggested

Liquid Roots Brewing Project

downtown Lenoir – Pints & Poses

Oct 23rd 11:30am

$12 includes class + a pint of craft beer

Om Namah Shivaya

softening the ego and bowing to universal consciousness.

in peace + love,


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