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Winter Solstice Energy

The beginning of winter is coinciding with a new astrological era on December 21st.

The great conjuction; Jupiter and Saturn aligning and coming as close to each other as they have been in 400 years. This is the point in time and space that many astrologers are calling the official opening to the Age of Aquarius – a movement towards connection and innovation instead of materialism.

A major energetic shift of unconventional thinking and humanitarianism will create a momentous turning point in collective and individual consciousness. Envision an era where we embrace uniqueness and think more progressively in an effort to build a stronger community.

Mark Twain said “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority it is time to pause and reflect”. Inspire to embrace change for the collective good, breaking societal norms, beginning the collective healing by bringing people together.

Come together with me....

Breathe Yoga and Wellness studio in Morganton, NC.

– Thursdays 5:30pm (Cancellations Dec 24th and 31st)

– Wed. 22nd Sub Slow Power Flow – Celebrating The Great Conjunction!

In person and livestream options available – both offered through mindbody app

(zoom link will be sent prior to class)

Yoga Flow @Women’s Wellness Event @ Natural Elements Hickory Location – January 16th

Featuring half off reiki sessions with Artistik Tribvlations

+ Body Assessments with Equilibriums Body Balance - Holistic LIfe Coach

And discounts and free samples from local businesses….

In peace and love,


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