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Exploring our soon to be new home. In lo
We need the tonic of wilderness. We can never have enough nature - henry david thoreau

We are a Bioregional Herbal Growing Forest Farm. Producing traditional plants, natural food and medicines to help create a stronger relationship with our community and the ecosystem as a whole. The Farms missions is to encourage well-being through the healing arts of yoga and natural medicinal herbs.

Finding an everyday practice that brings us into direct contact with the elements of nature, is essential to our well-being. Connecting the community with the native plants of the area is our way of influencing and empowering others to reclaim a healthy, sustainable way of living. By using traditional plants for nourishment and to prevent & treat illnesses, we are restoring and strengthening our relationship to nature.

Using nature as medicine, immersing yourself in it's beauty, and feeling the energy from the earth puts our minds and bodies in a calming state. Maybe it's using calming colors that soothe the mind, or the first pop of bright spring bulbs that invigorate the soul. Every person can find what works for them to start their journey to a better, happier self.

Finding a place you can find this inner peace can be just as easy as walking out of your back door. Starting with a cup of medicinal tea, a calming design with areas to relax, sit, meditate or exercise is the first step to finding serenity and better health.

We can fine tune what works for each individual. A structured regimented flow used to quiet the mind and stay focused on the body or a slow restorative process that uses the breath to create space, length and stillness in the mind and body. 

If we can first find a place of peace and connection, then we can work on finding ourselves. 

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