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“Nature’s peace will flow into you as su

I have been designing and maintaining gardens and landscapes for over 15 years. I studied Horticulture, Landscape Contracting and Design at Virginia Tech and continued my education in Landscape Architecture at Colorado State University further expanding my horizons in design and knowledge at different scales and techniques. As long as I am connecting and contributing to the overall health and awareness to a healthy ecosystem, I find great happiness using my skills to help create a peaceful, healing space. 

It was when I moved to Colorado that I found yoga as my every day practice that brought me into direct contact with myself. It was how I learned to quiet my mind and listen to my true calling.  My teacher trainings began at a non-traditional yoga studio, which fueled the fire to learn more from as many workshops, trainings, retreats and admirable teachers that I could find.  That lead me to find my voice and my own teaching style influenced to guide others towards their own transformational journey of healing and empowement.

In 2018, Dustin's company that he had worked at for 15 years sold to a corporation and began laying off everyone in management. We took this as a sign to move forward and follow our hearts. ​We sold our house in Fort Collins, Colorado. Bought a converted van and set off on an adventure to explore the North West. We drove a lot, saw a lot, played in the ocean, hugged magical redwoods, but it didn't ever feel like home. When we ended our trip visiting my parents in Tennessee, it dawned on us that home had been right in front of us the whole time. Nearby North Carolina was the place and still is what caught our hearts... From the abundant plant diversity, to the rivers flowing though the great Appalachian mountains. We are fulfilling our dreams of starting and homesteading our own land, a full circle for Dustin being raised on his family ranch in Nebraska.


We set out on a mission to be happy and to spread love and wellness to our beautiful community that we've found in a little piece of heaven.

Enjoying the space. The calm before our
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