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grow, learn, experience.... Expand

no one is perfect; we all make mistakes, we allow our emotions and exaggerations to get the better of us. If we are willing to accept this truth, these so-called flaws makes us rich, not weak . It's not our humanity that defeats us, but rather our refusal to accept who we are and to show our real selves

limitations set by society and ourselves shelter our growth, cause fear, and keep us in our comfort zone. This fear of failure hinders our need to learn, to see, to feel new things.

in spiritual terms, weakness is defined as any habit of mind or heart that prevents us from seeing things exactly as they are, in their entirety, or with our entire capacity to feel. This blindness is what continuously keeps us from the Truth, from Oneness and from Compassion.

"Our Strength will continue if we allow ourselves the Courage to feel scared, weak, and vulnerable"

- Melody Beattie

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