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Summer Shadows

Hi magical friends,

I've missed you. I took a little break from most of my public offerings and newsletters. This spring I vowed to give more of my time to the farm and farmily, since last year I felt somewhat disconnected to the land. Now I'm back and inspired by some really great collaborations with some of our local womxn owned businesses.

We are now in the heat of the year. The time of fighting to keep up with the gardens and the weeds. Following the shadows to stay in the shade and finally prioritizing self and saving the work for later.

It's a big shift in perspective to allow rest. To go inside and enjoy the air conditioning. Our world thrives on being busy and we've forgotten ourselves.

It's time to go inside and break our of limiting structures and invite positive change within. Give yourself the permission to open doors to inner work, understanding and self care.

This Summer has Opened doors to new offerings and Collaborations....

The New Salt Cave has finally opened in Downtown Lenoir. It's a beautiful sacred space with great energy and many self care offerings.

Join me there at Wolf Moon Wednesday afternoons 12:15-1:15 //Prana Flow.

(beginning 7/13/22) visit for pricing and info.

This Series dives into the Elemental Archetypes and the forces that make and create everything.

We will dive into the beginnings of the relationship of nature's elements with our own personal energy (qi/life force energy). Learning the basics of the elements in our body and the surrounding environment, to get a better understanding of balance.


2 opportunities to catch this information...

Breathe Yoga & Pilates in Morganton will host July 31st, August 28th, Sept 5th



Wolf Moon Salt Cave in Lenoir will host August 7th, Sept 4th, October 2nd.


exchange is $22/class or $58/series.

Pints & Poses

@ Liquid Roots Brewing Company

July 23rd 12:30pm

A fun laid back way to start your Saturday.

$12 includes a 1 hour yoga flow class and a pint

not a bad idea to call the brewery to reserve your space in case it's moved indoors for heat or inclement weather ;)

Hope to see you this Summer. Shadows and all. Embrace the Light and the Dark.

in peace & love,


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