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interrupting routines

realize now that our choices determine whether we are a stagnant pond or a running stream.

if you want something new, you have to stop doing something old - Peter F. Drucker and allow yourself to follow your heart and not your habits

we can sometimes be a little too focused on keeping things the way they are, but doing or trying new things can be very refreshing. changing habits that are deeply ingrained by ignoring the reluctance

The feeling we get of euphoria and accomplishment when we overcome fears is addicting

a job interview, a first date or presenting to an auditorium full of people: beforehand you imaging all the worst case scenarios. Being able to get past the thought of people thinking you are incompetent in a job interview, you wont have a connection with your dinner date, or you'll forget what you were going to say the moment you are on stage. but afterward, the relief is massive, and most often than not, the imaging disasters didn't occur.

Our brains are still practically the same as they were back when our ancestors were hunters/gatherers. it's a matter of self protection to be on guard to treat new things with caution. We are creatures of habit and have a pack mentality. We are social animals, and our behavior is strongly determined by what others do. We have all kinds of habits, rituals and norms for our behavior.It's these ancient and primitive mechanisms in our brain that generally make us so daunted by new things.

If you choose to, you can adapt and conform to group behaviors or you can choose to challenge yourself, to grow to learn to achieve a greater sense of self.

Routines make daily life possible, and therefore we like to keep things the way they are. our habits save us time thinking. you put things in the same place every time, you never have trouble finding them. If you eat the same thing all the time you don't have to decide what to have.but following the same routine can be unstimulating and boring. One year turns into 2, then 2 suddenly into 7, never challenging yourself or your brain, becoming dull and unevolved.

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