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choose to shine

allow yourself to open and blossom by being true to yourself.

don't be afraid to dance, to smile, to be different.

as we bloom we allow our light to shine. It is through blooming that our True Self and beauty begins to blossom. And that is when joy will come. not because you’re pretending, or holding back.

The flower doesn't dream of the bee.

It blossoms and the bee comes

we can become lost in beauty or the idea of perfection, popularity. Like narcissus, we can become enamored in what's not important. Instead, discover and experience joy with others, knowing that our capacity for joy is carried in our very own hearts. When being true to yourself, you attract positivity in your life, relationships and people that are real and love you for who you are.

the best place to start this practice of blossoming is on your mat, where you are free and allowed to be yourself.

yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequences of being yourself - bhagavad gita

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