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heat, spiritual austerities, fiery discipline and internal fire.

burning zeal in OUR practice.

The enthusiasm for health. health of our bodies, minds, the world around us, families,

ENTHUSIASM for life.

Isn't that really what yoga is about?

wanting to make ourselves better physically, mentally and spiritually.

self discipline burns away impurities and kindles the spark of divinity. - yoga sutras

at what level are you motivated to change, to learn, to grow? what kindles that spark of divinity in your life? what's your why? what makes you want to be a better person?

things change. we lose jobs, relationships, possessions but these things are just things, titles that do not define who we are.

the spiritual energy released by our practice strips away all that is false. peeling away the layers until we are left with our true raw self.

tapas is the spirit of inquiry, its' about having the heart of an explorer. it is the willingness to work hard in practice, the desire to know oneself, tHe will to be honest. but all of these virtues are predicated on a genuine desire for spiritual health.


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