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The idea of compassion and nonviolence to all living beings, the idea that we are connected and the idea to hurt another with actions, words or even thoughts hurts oneself

The aggression in world and in our news, have taught us to judge and fear each others. We are brought up to compete and compare. this may be where our culture has brought us but it doesn't have to be where we are going.

We can choose to listen the a voice of lightness, trust and connection. To see all beings as our brothers and sisters because the truth is that we are all vulnerable. Life is as it is, we strive to have control over everything, though it is not possible.

But what we do have control over is our attitude.

The choice to love or fear.

a regular yoga practice can show us this commitment to connection to ourselves, to better ourselves, to commit to opening up our hearts and minds. Then opening us up to each other without judgement, fear, competition. Making the choice for love.

Mahatma Gandhi, “Ahimsa means not to injure any creature by thought, word or deed"

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