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September is the time for Action.

Revolution has been my mantra for the past several months. I took this worldwide period of transformation as a time of personal growth to tune in and connect on a deeper level. As I peel back the layers to release what's holding me back, I return to my foundation. I visualize bringing movement and action on a larger scale and feel that manifesting positivity within myself and my community will have the ripple effect to radiate love outward.

Join me in this opportunity to manifest action and help guide us towards healing transformation.

As we approach the new moon, start to set intentions to release fears and anxieties that are holding you back from your personal growth.

Each week I host outdoor #CommuneYoga at our natural healing farm, Embracing Ground,

in Happy Valley. #weatherpermitting #allwelcome #donationbased suggested $5-$10

With restrictions being lifted, I'm slowly starting to partner back up with some local businesses for #communityconnection #communityyoga #healingjourney #jointhemovement #revolution

Box Fitness Lenoir in downtown will be hosting a Saturday Morning Yoga Flow in their space that is large enough for sufficient #socialdistancing #alllevels #allwelcome #wncyogawithlaura

Watch for more information on my event with Natural Elements of NC at their Lenoir location

(238 Morganton Blvd) for a Saturday Morning Yoga Flow with shop and reiki discounts....

that's all for now.

until then, be well friends.

In love and light,


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